A Crossover Move

Maybe it’s not an ankle-breaker in the style of Allen Iverson or Dwayne Wade, but my forthcoming book “Onward Christian Athletes” demonstrates some crossover potential in the new issue of the conservative Christian magazine “World.”  The magazine’s sports commentator Mark Bergin ran this brief item in the June 20 issue, highlighting some of the ideas I explore in my fourth chapter, “Winning for Jesus (But Finding Him in the Loss Column).”

(Note: It’s a subscriber-only path to the full version of the article, but I’ll provide you the rest of the text upon request if you’re interested.)

I give credit to Mr. Bergin for taking the book seriously despite our different political/religious views, which we were both upfront about when he interviewed me.

Other good news in the past few days: The American Academy of Religion announced the results of its annual journalism awards competition, and I’m in the money (third place) in the opinion-writing category. Here’s AAR’s news release.